AAS was first opened in 2012. The facilities had housed a Spanish school since 1986. In 2012, a group of founders, concerned about education and with several years of experience, with the support from a group of families and friends, bought out that school and established Aquinas American School. Most of those families are represented both on the Board of Directors, and as parents of current AAS students. A major reason driving all founders was the certainty of the need, in this area, of an excellent Catholic international school.

Aquinas American School is an independent project, initiated by a group of people with long experience in the educational world. It is a Catholic School not connected to any ecclesial organization, association or movement. We welcome all families who desire a Catholic education for their children and who share the ideals and educational project of the school.



Head of School: Mr. Antonio Arcones

Chaplain: Father Mario Palacio

Preschool Principal: Ms. Alissa Hawkins

Lower School Principal: Ms. Patricia Carbo

Lower School Vice Principal: Ms. Victoria Shover

Middle School Principal: Ms. Meghan Roof

High School Principal: Ms. Ana Curbera

Business Officer: Mr. Luis Placencia

Human Resources Director: Ms. Irene Sanhermelando

Administration Director: Ms. Cristina Palomera

Communications & Admissions Director: Ms. Alejandra López-Bachiller

Residence Director: Mr. Álvaro Fernández