University access

As part of our mission, one of our school’s goal is to prepare students to access university, both in Spain and abroad.

AAS students have the option to choose between two diplomas when finishing their school years:

International Baccalaureate Diploma. This itinerary can be followed during the last two years of High School, and allows direct access to university in Spain and it is also recognized in 50 other countries. For further information please visit:

The American High School Diploma complemented with Spanish Language and Culture following the Spanish Educational System (grades 7 – 10*). This diploma can be validated in Spain. Its approval is an administrative procedure conducted directly by the school. It does not require any further examination 

Most significantly, being a student at AAS opens the door to studying in different countries. AAS students acquire a strong background in Spanish Language and History of Spain, subjects that are present in the curriculum. However, having studied the other subjects in English for years, they have training in knowledge and skills, (critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written expression) that allows them to access the most demanding English-speaking universities.

*These subjects will count for the purposes of calculating the final grade and a certificate of the successful completion of the four grades must be provided, in order to officially recognize the corresponding studies of ESO (Spanish Compulsory Secondary Education).

AAS is a recognized and approved testing center for SAT Exams.

AAS has a counselling and support service for the election of universities and their admissions processes. You can check the counselling blog for our students here: College Counselor

At AAS we train our students to be the ones who choose where to study when they reach the college age.

Our goal is to keep all options open for them to study in Spain, in United Kingdom or in the United States by giving them more career options in order to be competitive in an increasingly globalized environment.