Director’s Welcome

Welcome to Aquinas American School!

These first few years of AAS will always be memorable for the enthusiasm and dedication of all those involved. We are so proud of every milestone the children achieve.
With an emphasis on the fundamentals, we are forming sound educational principles and creatively shaping a small community for students, parents and teachers.

Our mission is to discover together the great heritage of knowledge and wisdom from our Western Civilization. Through reason and dedicated effort we are forming our students as the protagonists of their own future and cultivating in them an ability to think and learn; to respect those who came before us, and to employ the knowledge bequeathed to us.

The many facets of an AAS education – science, history, literature from all ages, sport and the arts – serves to give a well-rounded intellectual and personal formation to our students. In pursuing the development of sensibility and growth in virtue the students will find their lives permanently enriched.
That is the great task of education which we humbly propose at AAS, and that is the task in which we invite you to collaborate.

Antonio Arcones
Head of School