Our Preschool is considered the Early childhood education stage in the United States, and our grades are K1 (Preschool), K2 (Pre-K) and K3 (Kindergarten).

At Aquinas American School we provide a well-rounded curriculum that fosters a whole-child approach, nurtures all areas of the development of children, and encourages them to communicate, collaborate, create and grow in critical thinking. These first years are crucial for building the foundations of learning and to get them used to our school routines, the learning process and methodologies, as well as developing the social skills involved in making new friends. 


As part of our methodologies, in class we work with “learning centers”, small groups designed to provide a variety of learning materials through which students can work by themselves or with others, giving us the chance to adapt to our little ones pace and needs.  


Learning centers allow children to relax. Playing reduces tension because children don´t have to worry about expectations.

Learning centers allow children to take risks without fear of failure. Focus is on process rather than on product.

Learning centers allow children to be self-disciplined by exploring in their way and intentionally directing their learning

Learning centers allow children to see things through another person´s point of view by working together to create, construct, and build.

Learning centers allow children to investigate, explore, and discover things that are new to them and make connections with things that they already know.

Learning centers allow children to be and express themselves. They become more open and engaged, more comfortable with their surroundings, and more natural.