Bienvenida de Mrs. Curbera, High School Principal

As the Principal of the High School I would like to welcome you to our school’s website. On this page you will learn about our commitment to AAS’s mission and how we try to make this mission the guiding principle in the daily live of our learning community.

At AAS our main objective is to be a positive influence on every student’s performance while enriching their school experience. All our teachers strive to enhance the academic achievement and mastery of skills of our students, which is one of the aims of our school.

In the recent past, AAS has focused on reinforcing the academic side of the school by creating a solid curriculum across the different subject areas. We have worked hard to align this curriculum throughout the school, and to guarantee that our teachers have the training and resources needed to prepare our students for college.

Together with the American High School Diploma, we offer our students the IB Diploma Program, two different academic routes, which have consolidated our school as an outstanding and internationally recognized educational center.

Together with this academic aim, the other main component of our mission is the promotion of a strong moral citizenship. In the Upper School we believe in providing a thorough and holistic education and with this aim in mind, we have created a wide program of elective subjects where students can choose from, as well as several noncredit afternoon clubs. In addition, our students are also required to complete a volunteer program which is designed to foster the Christian values that our school is based upon.

All these aims can only be accomplished with the participation of our whole educational community. Parents, teachers, students, and support staff all play an essential role in our school.

As Aquinas American School moves forward, I know we will experience growing pains but the enthusiasm, commitment, and hard work that has always characterized our organization tells me that if we persevere, we are bound to succeed in our extraordinary endeavor. Thank you once again for your continuing support and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Ana Curbera