Aquinas Foundation


The Aquinas Foundation was founded in 2015 as a non-profit institution, legally independent from the school, but created under its spirit.

The aim of the Aquinas Foundation:

  • Respond to requests for scholarships     
  • Channel volunteering and charitable actions     
  • Ensure continuity security studies
  • Contribute to the improvement of school facilities     
  • Promote community life


The Aquinas Foundation is managed through the following management body:  

  • Board, is the highest governing and representative body of the Foundation. It is responsible for approving the financials and setting performance criteria
  • Director, makes recommendations to the Board and coordinates the implementation and execution of projects
  • Parent Teacher Committee, ensures transparency and the correct progress of projects
  • Volunteers for specific actions

We welcome the involvement of families through their ideas, their time, or through their donations.


The Aquinas Foundation conducts specific campaigns throughout the year, such as Operation Smile or Thanksgiving, where the money collected is entirely donated to the purpose of each campaign. However, the Aquinas Foundation also organizes general activities in order to raise funds for the Foundation’s core objectives (scholarships, school insurance, improving facilities…) The Aquinas Foundation will publish its financials and activity report annually on this website.


Community awareness and involvement is a key part of AAS’ development campaign.  This is much more than wanting the community to share our enthusiasm and excitement. At Aquinas Foundation, we feel it is essential that our community is an active partner in shaping and preparing our school for the future. Your donations, and more importantly your participation, will support the development of a growing school.

Please join us in reshaping AAS for learning and for the future. 

Donations can be made in Euros or Dollars.  In order to be eligible to receive US tax benefits for a charitable donation, your contribution must be made to ASM Foundation in dollars.  Details for this are available through the Development Office.

  • Private donations: you can make a donation for a specific campaign or donate an amount every month via direct debit.

We remind you that donations are eligible to receive tax benefits:

  • 50% of the first 150 € and 27.5% of amounts over 150 € with a maximum of 10% of the taxable income of the taxpayer
  • For example, if a donation of 300 € is made, the Tax Agency will return 116,25 €, being the real expense of 183.75€  
  • Corporate donations: Turn your company into the Foundation’s sponsor!

If you work at a company or own one, you can work with the Foundation. We will be happy to receive your contribution.

  • 365 Sponsorship: consists of an annual contribution of 365 €; 1 € per day. With the tax rebate, the final cost to the company would be of 237 €
  • General sponsorship: the amount is free in amount and frequency.     
  • Event Sponsorship: participating in the sponsorship of some of the events organized by the Foundation such as the Family Day Fun Run or the Summer Dinner.

We are happy to find the ideal formula to acknowledge your contribution through a plaque at the entrance of the school, in the lab, in the library, or give you visibility on the website, on the soccer t-shirts, etc.

Please note that companies also have tax benefits of 35% on the basis of deduction.

If you are interested in participating, donating, or just want to comment on these options, do not hesitate to contact us at