Middle School


The middle school is a three-year program which provides a smooth transition from the structure of lower school to the intellectual independence and organizational skills that students acquire during their high school years. Students learn habits of concentration and abstract reasoning.

Middle School students are at a unique developmental stage that requires a curriculum tailored to their changing needs. We strive to provide a supportive climate that enhances the personal development of each student while providing the foundation for academic success.

The student will have an increased workload at home.  The school avoids low value-added tasks.  However, it encourages daily reading, class presentations and research papers.  The most important goal is to learn to find main points, build presentations and manage well-structured concepts with precise vocabulary.  This type of work also contributes to students´ motivation to learn, harnesses their curiosity and builds skills that will serve the student throughout his/her academic career, independent of the particular specialty area that he/she decides to study.


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