High School


The educational atmosphere, through the demands of work and respectful behavior, seeks to motivate in the students a desire to perfect themselves. The students will be taught not to chose what they want, but to choose what is right. An appreciation for knowledge, art, culture, and science requires time in an open and creative atmosphere.

Regarding academic goals and school organization:

  1. Students work as critical thinkers and inquirers, searching the answers to their own questions.
  2. Education becomes a dialogue as students are expected to reciprocate teachers’ attention and guidance by their own thoughtful participation in what they study. We cultivate a spirit of mutual generosity and service.
  3. A challenging and demanding program require commitment with their academic work, which in turn motivates the desire for constant learning.
  4. The curriculum includes a reading plan for all subjects.
  5. The school schedule includes several hours for extracurricular activities and clubs of their choice (drama club, yearbook, debate club, sports…).
  6. 50 hours per year of community services are agraduation requirement.

Graduation requirements

Completion of this sequence will satisfy the minimum graduation requirements:
Spanish History and Geography – 4 credits
Spanish and Spanish Literature – 4 credits
World and US History – 4 credits
World Literature – 4 credits
Religion – 2 credits
Mathematics – 3 credits
Science – 3 credits
Electives – 6 credits
Total Required Credits

Welcome from Mrs. Ana Curbera, Upper School Principal

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