IB CAS: Proud of what we do, proud of who we are

Follow our student´s paths this summer a they help out in their communities and abroad.  They are making a difference in people’s lives and...   Read More

Principal´s List and Honor Roll

High School Principal´s List   Santiago Arce (9) Justine King (9) Teresa del Aguila (9) Juliana Navarro (9) Belén Pascual (9) Fernando Cámara (10) Diego...   Read More

Competitive College Club

Fernando Cámara Lara, Agustín Sotero, and Rodrigo Fernández Nieto have been admitted to the Competitive College Club. Congratulations!

High School Awards Ceremony and Pizza Party

High School Bears celebrating their Awards Ceremony and Pizza Party on their last day. Have a great summer! Check out some pictures HERE  

G8 Graduation and Middle School Award Winners

CONGRATULATIONS G8 and all Middle School Award Winners!   Check out some pictures HERE

G5 Night of the Notables

AAS HS Drama Club represents The Crucible

AAS High School Drama Club performed The Crucible by Arthur Miller on June 8th. AAS students and staff were extraordinary and there were many...   Read More

K3 Graduation

Today we are celebrating that out K3 students are graduating and stepping into First Grade! Parents have enjoyed a lovely time at school where...   Read More

AAS Senior Graduation

CONGRATULATIONS to our Senior Class that graduated on June 1st. We are very proud of you and we wish you all the best! We...   Read More

Escuela Infantil Pecas visits AAS

This morning 66 students from Escuela Infantil Pecas came to visit us. They joined our K1 class in several super fun activities where they...   Read More