AAS Participates in a Math Contest

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This year our school is going to participate for the first time in a Math contest organized by the College of Mathematics at the Universidad Completense de Madrid. The contest is organized for students between 5th and 12th grade and consists of two stages. The first stage is held at the school itself, and is open to all students interested in participating.

Middle School students will have the competition on Friday February 23rd at 2:45pm during clubs time. The students will be allotted 1 hour and 30 minutes to individually complete the questions. The students will not be able to use a calculator.

The students with the best performances will then be selected to a second stage, held at the premises of the organizing institution. There, they will compete with students from schools all across the region.

From the Mathematics Department, we believe that this is a great chance for students to face the fun and unconventional problems posed at this event, as well as to take up the challenge of competing with the best mathematical thinkers in the region. We will be promoting the event in our classes, but would be really grateful if you could also encourage your child to participate, if you think they could enjoy the experience and gain something from it.

For more information on the event (dates, rules, etc.), please visit:



This are the students selected for the second stage: 

1) Guillermo Árevalo
2) Nacho García
3) Álvaro Nestares


1) Miguel Navarro
2) Nico Martin
3) Enica King
1) Santiago Arce
2) Pedro Rodríguez
3) Jaime Calvo
11th/ 12th
1) Pedro Ferrer
2) Juan del Águila
3) Patricia Muñoz